Conditions of Hire


The Rotoiti Lodge Outdoor Education Trust will have discretion over any group applying to hire the Lodge.


Provisional bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of the deposit. The deposit must be received within one month of the provisional booking or the booking will be cancelled.

Any cancellations must be notified more than twelve weeks prior to your stay in order to receive a full refund of the deposit. Cancellations with only twelve to eight weeks notice will result in loss of the deposit. We cannot accept cancellations within eight weeks or less of the hire dates.


The balance of the hire charge will be invoiced to you within 5 days of departure from the Lodge. This invoice is due within 10 days of receiving the Trust’s invoice. We appreciate your very prompt payment. Late payment will incur a penalty charge.

The hirer is responsible for any damage or loss from the Rotoiti Lodge. This includes damage to property, fixtures, fittings and the surrounds of the Lodge. The cost of repairs will be included in the invoice sent to you for your stay. No items may be removed from the lodge.


Hirers are responsible for leaving the Lodge in the same condition as when they arrived. Guidelines for your clean up are posted in the cleaning room at the Lodge. A charge will apply to those groups who do not clean up before they depart (contact the lodge for details).

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Regulations and procedures are posted on the main hall noticeboard. Hirers must familiarise themselves with these on arrival.

Rubbish Disposal

The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all rubbish and recyclables generated by their group is either removed from the premises upon departure, or sorted and stored in the rubbish shed behind the kitchen. Rubbish bag collection costs will be charged to your group (contact the lodge for details).

Special Character of the National Park

As the Rotoiti Lodge is located in Nelson Lakes National Park, it is subject to specific National Park by-laws and regulations that may affect certain activities. Please inquire at the St Arnaud Department of Conservation Area Office for further details (Phone: 03 521 1806).